UC2 (6-14″)




The UC2 is typically used in light cleaning during the construction phase. However, it can be used in all phases of pipeline cleaning. The UC2 is equipped with two Series C cups specifically designed to perform efficiently and reliably.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D and greater bends.

6" 8.000 11.750 6.375 70-3802-06
8" 10.375 13.625 8.500 70-3802-08
10" 12.875 16.625 10.625 70-3802-10
12" 15.125 19.375 12.750 70-3802-12
14" 17.625 21.875 13.875 70-3802-14

Features & Benefits:

  • Equipped with Series C cups made from Relithane, Apache's special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • Large wearing surface of the cup promotes longer life while the edge holds firmly against the pipe wall.

Options Available:

  • CARVER discs.
  • UT Mandrel to accommodate electronic tracking equipment.
  • Aluminum Gauge Plates in standard styles.
  • Three (UC3) and four cup (UC4) configurations.
  • Radial Brush options available
  • Magnets can be used to either collect ferrous and other construction debris, or they can be used to provide a change in magnetic field required by non-intrusive pig signaler detection devices.


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