Environmental Containment Bags eliminate pollution arising from pigging a pipeline with air or nitrogen by trapping and containing dust particles as small as five microns, along with mill scale and construction debris. The heavy-duty polyester bags are secured around the discharge pipe with a drawstring type closure. Operation is continuous and no change in standard pigging practice is required. Reinforced pulling and lifting handles facilitate positioning and subsequent emptying of the bag into the bed of dump trucks or other type containers for disposal. They can also double as a pig catching bag.

Bags come in 10, 25, 50 or 100 ft blanks.

Custom sizes available upon request.
12" x 10'19" x 6" x 5"3
12" x 25'19" x 9" x 8"8
12" x 50'20" x 14" x 11"17
24" x 50'39" x 14" x 10"35
48" x 50'81" x 13" x 12"68

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