Urethane products deliver many advantages over conventional elastomers and plastics. They are stronger, tougher, more durable, and more versatile. With greater versatility and durability, polyurethane is the material of choice for some of the most demanding industrial applications.

Apache can also offer custom cast urethane products in various sizes, colors, and durometers (hardness).

Our process provides us with the ability to bond a layer of any thickness or diameter of polyurethane to any steel surface.

We can meet your needs for various products such as sheets, parts, rollers, scrapers, pads, bumpers, etc. Apache can design and manufacture molds, or use your existing mold to produce products you require.

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DIG TUBE ENDS 6 – 8″ (152 – 203 MM)

Apache’s rugged, durable Dig Tube Ends are used on Hydro Vac systems to reduce cost by extending the wear life of the dig tube.

6.00″ I.D.02VAC060
8.00″ I.D.02VAC080

BRIDGE GATE GASKETS 6 – 12″ (152 – 305 MM)

Apache can design and manufacture most molds, or use existing molds to produce current required products in a variety of custom sizes, shapes and durometers.

Our standard Bridge Gate Gaskets are poured in Reliathane 72 Durometer Shore A Polyurethane material.

6″ Urethane Gaskets02APAC00
8″ Urethane Gaskets02APAC01
10″ Urethane Gaskets02APAC02
12″ Urethane Gaskets02APAC05