Hurricane Filming Pigs (3-12″)

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Stop corrosion in its tracks. That’s what we set out to do when we developed the Hurricane LP-FP double-pig train
method. As every pipeline engineer knows, coating the interior of the line with a quality corrosion inhibitor is one of
the best ways to keep it from corroding. The challenge? How to apply inhibitor in a controlled manner.

The Hurricane Lead Pig (LP) acts as the lead pig of a double-pig train. It carries inhibitor or biocide treatment,
allowing minimal by-pass. The inhibitor is contained between the LP and the Hurricane Filming Pig (FP) pig. As the
train moves through the line, the FP leaves a film of inhibitor on the pipe wall.

The design of the dual-durometer Hurricane FP is truly unique. It features a hollow front mandrel with two port holes
in the center of the mandrel. This allows the inhibitor to travel to the front hollow mandrel and through the two port
holes on either side of the mandrel. The inhibitor is then trapped between the front conical cup, and back two soft
discs to leave a film of inhibitor on the pipe wall.

The Hurricane LP-FP method: the ideal solution for controlled, efficient pipe wall filming.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D bends, the Filming Pig moves reliably through piping systems.

3" 2.500 4.875 3.375 1.0 74-0462-03
4" 3.625 6.250 4.375 2.0 74-0462-04
6" 5.375 8.750 6.500 4.0 74-0462-06
8" 7.625 11.750 8.500 10 74-0462-08
10" 9.625 14.125 10.625 20 74-0462-10
12" 10.125 15.375 12.500 32 74-0462-12

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight – no metal components.
  • Can be launched in most common pigging valves.

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