UTR-SC4R (6-14″)



The UT mandrel was designed to house a transmitter located in the center of the slotted universal mandrel. It can also accommodate virtually any configuration of cup, disc and brush. This allows the pig to clean and batch many dissimilar fluids.

Apache Developed the UTR-SC4R to give smaller gathering lines a moderate cleaning. The UTR-SC4R pigs are equipped with a brush and four Series C cups. Brush options vary between sizes of pig. The UTR-SC4R was designed to negotiate sharp bends to make it an efficient cleaning tool.

Designed to negotiate 3D or greater bends.

6" 12.375 13.875 6.375 60-3080-06
8" 15.500 17.250 8.500 60-3080-08
10" 18.000 20.000 10.625 60-3080-10
12" 22.250 24.500 12.750 60-3080-12
14" 26.250 28.875 13.875 60-3080-14

Features & Benefits:

  • Equipped with Series C cups made from Reliathane, Apache's special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • Large wearing surface of the cup promotes longer life while the edge holds firmly against the pipe wall.
  • Standard bumper noses cushion the pig and help to protect in-line auxiliary equipment, preventing damage.

Options Available:

  • CARVER discs.
  • Aluminum Gauge Plates in slotted or standard styles.
  • Radial Brush available.
  • Magnets can be used to either collect ferrous and other construction debris, or they can be used to provide a change in magnetic field required by non-intrusive pig signaler detection devices.

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