UT Filming Pig


The UT-FP filming pig was designed to apply a film of inhibitor with 360-degree coverage on the interior pipe wall. the UT-FP features a hollow from mandrel with two port holes located on either side. The inhibitor becomes trapped between the front conical cup and the back three soft filming discs and support disc, leaving a film of inhibitor.

Designed to negotiate 1.5 D or greater bends.

*TBD – Determined by the Wall Thickness(es)/ ID of the pipeline.

Size B C A Part #
8" 11.400 13.519 *TBD 70-5801-08
10" 14.060 14.940 *TBD 70-5801-10
12" 15.100 17.820 *TBD 70-5801-12
14" 17.230 20.070 *TBD 70-5801-14

Features & Benefits:

  • Inhibitor travels through the hollow front mandrel and two port holes located on either side of the mandrel, ultimately leaving a film of protective corrosion inhibitor on the pipe wall.

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