UT-ED (6-14″)



When it comes to displacing air and water during hydrostatic testing carried out during construction, the ED gets the job done, quickly and efficiently. With its bi-directional design, it can travel in either direction.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D or greater bends.

6" 6.000 13.250 6.375 70-7066-06
8" 7.500 15.250 8.375 70-7066-08
10" 10.500 19.000 10.500 70-7066-10
12" 12.250 21.250 12.500 70-7066-12
14" 14.500 23.500 13.875 70-7066-14

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides and effective seal when separating dissimilar fluids or dewatering during hydrostatic testing.
  • Equipped with two guide discs and four sealing discs made from Reliathane, Apache's special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • With repeated use, sealing discs can experience wear and tear. The ED pig will reverse direction, without compromising its sealing capabilities.

Options Available:

  • CARVER discs.
  • Aluminum Gauge Plates in slotted or standard styles.
  • Radial Brush options available.
  • Magnets can be used to either collect ferrous and other construction debris, or they can be used to provide a change in magnetic field required by non-intrusive pig signaler detection devices.

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