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The TRAXALL 770 tracks as many as 7 different transmitter frequencies simultaneously with a unique color assignment for each on the bright, wide temperature display. CDI’s new Pinpointer user interface technology allows for easy pig location to within inches without the need for tricky nulling procedures.


State-of-the-art Wireless Communications and Configuration

FieldLink is CDI’s proprietary, wireless radio frequency communications and control system designed to allow fast and easy communications and configuration of a variety of our products. Unlike Bluetooth, there is no tedious pairing or complex security configuration with FieldLink – simply plug it in, install the software and program your devices!

FieldLink is capable of seeing as many as seven FieldLink equipped devices at any time, with selection among the devices within range being a simple drop-down menu in the FieldLink Configurator program.

One of FieldLink’s introductory uses is to configure CDI’s new TRAXALL compatible “X series” transmitters (such as the X300-2C) among their seven colorized frequencies and 22Hz legacy frequency. Since this configuration process is wireless, it may be performed even when the transmitter is attached to a pipeline pig!

FieldLink Configurator Software Download

TRAXALL Receiver Comparison Chart

Features & Benefits:

  • MFL

    Passage detection, Pinpointing, and launch/receive verification of MFL inspection tools is a breeze with TRAXALL 770’s advanced permanent magnet tracking and locating capabilities. The 770’s graphical interface for MFL shows familiar zero-crossing signals with full Pinpointing, recording and passage monitoring.
  • GPS

    TRAXALL 770 is equipped with a high speed GPS system allowing arbitrary points of interest to be Waypointed and stored in memory as GPS coordinates. Trackpointing records breadcrumb trails showing routes taken to and from hard-to-find locations. Returning to a pig’s Waypoint location or retracing your path along a pipeline with Trackpoints is a snap with TRAXALL 770’s robust, built-in Navigate-to-Waypoint capabilities. Waypoint and Trackpoints may also be downloaded and viewed with Google Maps for desktop PC viewing of navigation data. TRAXALL’s GPS system even provides automatic clock setting with high precision and stability.
  • Bluetooth and Satellite Notification

    Bluetooth communication allows remote viewing of the system from a vehicle in inclement weather. As another industry first, the TRAXALL 720 may be equipped with a CDI LineStat radio system. LineStat provides the 720 with the capability to autonomously monitor for pig passages and send remote notifications as emails or text messages. LineStat requires no cellular telephone network and functions anywhere in the world.

Options Available:

  • Accessories

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