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Simpler, less expensive and easier to use. These were the design guidelines of our new TRAXALL 500 receiver. Similar to its “big brother” TRAXALL 720 in design and functionality, the TRAXALL 500 offers an alternative to those not needing the feature-rich complexity of a TRAXALL 720.

The TRAXALL 500 monitors the 22 Hz transmitter frequency. Signal strength is intuitively indicated on a horizontal row of scrolling LEDs, while a single knob adjusts the reception sensitivity of each frequency.

TRAXALL 500/620

TRAXALL Receiver Comparison Chart

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique one-piece design delivers the full reception range expected by our customers without external antennas or other cabling
  • Works with all 22 Hz transmitters
  • Sensitivity control for Pinpointing, Walking, or Stationary operation
  • Operates 60+ hours on six AA-Cell batteries
  • Optional Remote Flasher with 15 ft (4.5m) for passage indication at a distance (TRAXALL 501)
  • Optional Remote Water-Tight Antenna with 20 ft (6m) cable (TRAXALL 501)
  • Built-in speaker alerts operator to pig passage events
  • Custom chassis is water-resistant durable plastic, guaranteed to withstand the roughest pipeline conditions
  • Fully operational temperature range 185°F to -40°F (+85°C to -40°C) limited by chemistry of installed AA-Cell batteries; cold weather lithium solution operates to -40°C on three cells

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