pigPRO™ Series 57

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The Base Model 57 is a visual flag indicator with manual reset.

It is a popular member of Apache’s pigPRO Series, a patented line of intrusive pig passage indicators that reliably detect the precise location of a cleaning pig as it travels within the pipeline network. When a cleaning pig passes the system’s intruding plunger, it activates the plunger and triggers a visual flag indicator, signalling the pig’s location.

Features & Benefits:

  • Set to your pipeline’s unique pressure and pipe wall ensuring reliable pig passage every time.
  • On-stream installation or removal capability.
  • Bi-directional activation.
  • Hemispherical plunger sensitivity adjustment.
  • Hemispherical plunger penetration adjustment.
  • Thread mounting nipple.

Options Available:

  • Custom Seals and Body Material
  • Aluminum extensions can be attached to enable detection of the pigs passage on buried pipelines. All pressure sealing components remain below the extension module. Available in lengths 2’ to 8’.
  • Hot Tap Equipment
  • Flange Mount models are designed to connect to existing flanged connections and are available in ANSI Class 150, 300, 600 or 900/1500 flanges.
  • *Conversion kits are also available which enable installation onto the mountings of other manufacturers.

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