pigPRO™ Series 57

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The Base Model 57 is a visual flag indicator with manual reset.
It is a popular member of Apache’s pigPRO Series, a patented line of intrusive pig passage indicators that reliably detect the precise location of a cleaning pig as it travels within the pipeline network. When a cleaning pig passes the system’s intruding plunger, it activates the plunger and triggers a visual flag indicator, signaling the pig’s location.

Easily installed without disrupting production. Every model in the pigPRO series is easily installed, even while the pipeline is on-stream. So preparing for critical pipeline cleaning doesn’t disrupt critical production.

Fewer moving parts ease installation & reduce risk. Most pig indicators feature trigger mechanisms with many moving parts that make it more difficult to align during installation. As a result they are frequently damaged. With the pigPRO’s hemispherical design, these issues are completely eliminated, saving time and money.

To ensure that the indicator is properly adjusted for the individual pipeline, hemispherical plunger sensitivity adjustment and hemispherical plunger penetration adjustment are standard features.

Bi-directional activation. Every pigPRO indicator is bi-directional, so it is triggered by a pig traveling in either direction. Although a pig is rarely required to travel in the opposite direction of the flow in a pipeline while it is on-stream, this capability can be useful when servicing offline pipelines.

Debris or no debris, pigPRO performs. When it comes to indicating pig passage, wax or debris in the line, most pig indicators simply can’t operate. That’s not the case with the pigPRO, which operates reliably, regardless of wax. It’s specially designed to prevent debris from obstructing its operational mechanisms, so a passing pig is always indicated.

Universal, adaptable. Our ability to retrofit to most mounts makes the Apache pigPRO completely versatile.

Primary system components. Every Apache pigPRO pig passage indicator includes a thread-mounting nipple, standard lower housing with fluorocarbon O-rings, and a hemispherical plunger with a flag assembly.

*Designed for easy, on site adjustment even while on-stream.

Features & Benefits:

  • Set to your pipeline’s unique pressure and pipe wall ensuring reliable pig passage every time
  • On-stream installation or removal capability
  • Bi-directional activation
  • Hemispherical plunger sensitivity adjustment
  • Hemispherical plunger penetration adjustment
  • Thread mounting nipple

Options Available:

  • Custom Seals and Body Material
  • Aluminum extensions can be attached to enable detection of the pigs passage on buried pipelines. All pressure sealing components remain below the extension module. Available in lengths 2’ to 8’.
  • Hot Tap Equipment
  • Flange Mount models are designed to connect to existing flanged connections and are available in ANSI Class 150, 300, 600 or 900/1500 flanges.
  • *Conversion kits are also available which enable installation onto the mountings of other manufacturers.

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