VERSI III (6-20″)

versi3-dim pipeline pig apache pipeline products

Versatility is the name of the game for the durable, lightweight Series Versi III. Because it can do so many jobs, this all-urethane pipeline pig is extremely economical. By fitting it with a combination of a sealer and cup, it is very effective and versatile for cleaning, batching, and displacement operations. The solid urethane shaft of the Versi III is very flexible. This means that over time, sealing elements wear evenly, addressing an inherent problem with heavy steel mandrel shafts.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D bends, the Versi III pig moves reliably through piping systems.

6" 9.250 15.375 6.375 73-0553-06
8" 12.000 19.875 8.375 73-0553-08
10" 15.000 24.375 10.500 73-0553-10
12" 17.500 27.625 12.500 73-0552-12
14" 21.250 30.750 13.875 73-0553-14
16" 24.000 36.125 15.875 73-0553-16
20" 39.750 43.125 20.000 73-0553-20

Features & Benefits:

  • There are no metal parts to bend, corrode or damage pipe lining.
  • Rather than replacing the entire assembly when individual parts become worn, they are easily removed and replaced, saving time and money.
  • Every Series Versi III pig is equipped with Apache cups and discs. As with all of Apache products, they were specifically developed to perform, efficiently and reliably. To maximize durability, they’re made from Reliathane, Apache’s special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • To use a Series Versi III pig for different applications, cups can simply be added or reconfigured.

Options Available:

  • Variety of configurations and durometers.
  • Circular flange brushes in the following types and trim materials:
    1. Trim types – flat wire or pencil.
    2. Trim material – carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic.

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