Put simply, the Jetted Cup is a jetting, scraping cleaning machine.

It works extremely well in oil, gas and products pipelines. For example, it efficiently breaks up large volumes of
accumulated pipeline wax by directing bypass product through it’s jetted grooves. Debris is suspended in the
turbulent flow and transferred ahead of the pig. It’s a great option for low flow applications, along with removal of
sand and other debris.

The design of the jetting grooves on the lip of the cup promote the pig to rotate as it travels, ensuring even wear of the cup. This
increases cup life and reduces operating costs.

The turbulence created dislodges the debris collected around either the cups or discs, and transfers it ahead of the pig. As a result, these grooves in the cup’s surface create five times the scraping surface, making it possible to aim a calibrated amount of fluid to pummel the pipe wall, jetting away – and suspending – stubborn wax, sand or other debris.

2" 2.125 0.50 91-3998-02
3" 3.375 0.50 91-3998-03
4" 4.375 0.50 91-3998-04
6" 6.375 1.00 91-3998-06
8" 8.500 1.00 91-3998-08
10" 10.625 1.00 91-3998-10
12" 12.750 1.00 91-3998-12
14" 13.875 1.00 91-3998-14

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