The Apache MDBS (medium density bare squeegee) and MDBS DD ( medium density bare squeegee, double dish) are lightweight open cell foam pigs designed for light cleaning and drying pipelines. The double dish is ideal for bi-directional operations and evacuation of liquids. The medium density helps both styles navigate restrictions. MDBS Foam Pigs are the most effective, versatile design of pipeline cleaner in the market today.

Urethane coating on ends also available in light (yellow) and hard (blue) densities.

LDBS (Yellow)
• Light Density
• Bare Squeegee
• Light Drying

MDBS (Red)
• Medium Density
• Bare Squeegee
• Regular Drying

HDBS (Blue)
• Heavy Density
• Bare Squeegee
• Heavy Drying

Features & Benefits:

  • Drying.
  • Dewatering.
  • Light Cleaning.
  • Works in all piping systems.

Options Available:

  • Handling rope.
  • Trans-Cavity.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Available in light density (yellow) and hard density (blue)

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