C GUIDE DISC-B-10 pipeline pig apache pipeline products

Durable. Reliable. Effective.

Apache sealer discs are extremely versatile and can perform in bi-directional or uni-directional applications.
To meet your unique requirements, simply order custom dimensions, durometer or material composition of the discs.
Standard 72 durometer discs are used for sealing and have the ability to flip over easily for bi-directional travel. 86
durometer discs are used for scraping and cleaning the line.
As with all of Apache products, the Series M disc was specifically developed to perform, efficiently and reliably. To
enhance durability, it’s made from Reliathane, Apache’s special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
To enhance disc life, sealer discs are available with a variety of wear-resistant additives. In fact, Apache developed a
proprietary chemical resistant urethane to help protect against conditions, such as hydrogen sulphide, encountered
in severe environments.

*Series M parts mount on different style pigs then our Series C.

*Part numbers shown are for 85 Durometer (72 also available)

3" 3.375 0.500 0.1 91-5210-03
4" 4.375 0.500 0.2 91-5210-04
6" 6.375 1.000 0.5 91-5210-06
8" 8.375 1.000 1.2 91-5210-08
10" 10.500 1.000 1.9 91-5210-10
12" 12.500 1.000 3.3 91-5210-12
14" 13.875 1.000 4.1 91-5210-14

Options Available:

  • 72 durometer or 86 durometer.
  • Wear-resistant additives.
  • Custom I.D./O.D. bolt pattern and thickness available on request.
  • High temperature material.

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