M CUP-B-10 pipeline pig apache pipeline products

Given that anomalies are a fairly common feature of a pipeline scheduled for maintenance, it’s reassuring that pigs
mounted with Series M conical cups are engineered to elongate and can traverse pipeline anomalies of up to 20%
without damaging the pig. This means that runs go as planned, without delay.
As with all of Apache products, the Series M cup was specifically developed to perform, efficiently and reliably
during batching operations. To enhance durability, it’s made from Reliathane, Apache’s special blend of wearresistant
The heavy design and large wearing surface provide an excellent and effective seal in displacement and batching
operation while still offering unsurpassed flexibility
To enhance cup life, conical cups are available with a variety of wear-resistant additives. In fact, Apache developed a
proprietary chemical resistant urethane to help protect against conditions, such as hydrogen sulphide, encountered
in severe environments.

3" 3.375 0.500 0.1 91-5010-03
4" 4.375 0.500 0.2 91-5010-04
6" 6.500 1.000 1.0 91-5010-06
8" 8.375 1.000 1.7 91-2010-08
10" 10.500 1.000 3.0 91-5010-10
12" 12.500 1.000 4.1 91-5010-12
14" 14.000 1.000 6.3 91-5010-14

Options Available:

  • Custom I.D. and bolt patterns available on request.
  • Different durometers available on request.
  • High temperature material.

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