Tsunami VP (3-6″)

Looking for a way to optimize your pipeline maintenance program? Apache has the answer. It’s called the Tsunami VP, and it’s the latest addition to our series of solid-cast urethane pigs. The “VP” stands for “valve pig.” This means that it is specially designed so that it can be launched and received by nearly any pigging valve on the market today. As it moves steadily through the line, clearing away troublesome debris and residue, rest assured that the line is being thoroughly cleaned, and the Tsunami VP will arrive in the receiver on schedule.

The Tsunami VP is designed to be pliable and is typically made from 70 Shore A Durometer Reliathane.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D bends, the Tsunami VP moves reliably through piping systems.



Size A B C Weight Part Number
3" 3.38" 4.10" 5.70" 0.80 75-0572-03
4" 4.38" 5.40" 7.50" 1.70 75-0572-04
6" 6.38" 7.40" 10.50" 4.40 75-0572-06

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight – no metal components.
  • Multiple seals provide excellent product interface.
  • Can be utilized in Argus™, Masterflo™ and Meridian™ valves.

Options Available:

  • Wrap brushes in the following types and trim materials:
  • 1. Trim types – flat wire.
  • 2. Trim material – carbon steel or stainless steel.


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