TORNADO I (2-4″)

TORNADO-1-dim pipeline pig apache pipeline products

Never underestimate the tiny Tornado I. Its compact size is a must for cleaning small diameter pipelines. The fieldproven Tornado I effectively cleans small diameter lines, such as those found in crude oil gathering systems. Time and time again, flow rates rise after being cleaned with a Tornado I. How is this possible? The unique cup design permits this pig to travel through short radius bends. The Tornado I is designed for use in both non-metallic pipe and steel lines. Its strength lies in proving a line in a pipe network prior to operational pigging, as opposed to clearing solids or aggressive cleaning.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D bends, the Tornado I moves reliably through piping systems.

2" 3.000 4.500 2.125 72-0185-02S
3" 4.125 5.875 3.250 72-0185-03S
4" 4.875 7.250 4.375 72-0185-04S

Features & Benefits:

  • Solid cast urethane.
  • Lightweight.

Options Available:

  • Available in different durometers.

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