Wiping-Cleaning-label pipeline pig apache pipeline products

• Medium Density
• Criss Cross
• Regular Wiping

• Heavy Density
• Criss Cross
• Heavy Wiping

Features & Benefits:

  • The basic foam pig design can be adapted to include a variety of tough urethane coatings. The addition of aggressive wire brushes into the urethane coating provide a durable and efficient cleaner for hard pipe scale applications. Foam pigs and spheres are the most cost effective, versatile design of pipeline cleaner in the market today.

Options Available:

  • HANDLING ROPE: Polypropylene rope for one or both ends of the pig for ease of handling.
  • TRANSMITTER CAVITY: Standard and customized cavity for encasing
  • FULL COAT: Regular Scraping
  • DOUBLE DISH: Ideal for bi-directional operations and evacuation of liquids.

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