DMDX (16-48″)

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Looking for more effective cleaning and sealing capacity? Then look no further than the Series DMDX. Every DMDX is equipped with two sealing discs and two Series M Cups. What sets the DMDX apart is that it features brushes that further enhance cleaning performance. These multiple sealing components provide a bigger surface area. As a result, its sealing capacity, scraping capability, and overall cleaning ability is greatly improved.

Designed to negotiate 1.5D bends, the DMDX pig moves reliably through piping systems.

16" 25.500 26.500 15.875 115 60-6900-16
20" 31.500 32.500 20.000 187 60-6900-20
22" 33.875 34.875 22.000 236 60-6900-22
24" 34.875 35.875 24.000 264 60-6900-24
30" 46.000 47.125 29.875 444 60-6900-30
36" 53.625 55.000 36.000 653 60-6900-36
42" 62.875 64.375 42.125 912 60-6900-42
48" 70.500 72.125 48.125 1106 60-6900-48

Features & Benefits:

  • The DMDX pig is configured to offer a sealing arrangement that is used to separate dissimilar fluids, and to moderately scrape pipelines during longer distance operations.
  • Given that anomalies are a fairly common feature of a pipeline scheduled for maintenance, it’s reassuring that pigs mounted with conical cups can traverse pipeline anomalies without damaging essential inline auxiliary equipment.
  • Every Series DMDX pig is equipped with Apache Series M cups. As with all of Apache products, the Series M cup was especially developed to perform efficiently and reliably. To maximize durability, it’s made from Reliathane, Apache’s special blend of wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • The large wearing surface of the cup promotes longer life, while product pressure holds the cutting edge firmly against the pipe wall.
  • Every Apache DMDX 16”- 48” pig is manufactured with by-pass ports. These ports feature threaded plugs that can be removed, should by-pass be required. By removing the by-pass plugs, a portion of product flow is redirected through these openings. The debris is suspended in the turbulent flow and transferred ahead of the pig.
  • Standard bumper noses cushion the pig and help to protect in-line auxiliary equipment, preventing damage.

Options Available:

  • Circular flange brushes or block brushes in the following types and trim materials:
    1. Trim types – flat wire or pencil.
    2. Trim material – carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic or tin-coated.
  • Aluminum or steel gauge plates in slotted or standard styles.
  • Transmitter housing to accommodate electronic tracking equipment.
  • Magnets can be used to either collect ferrous and other construction debris, or they can be used to provide a change in magnetic field required by non-intrusive pig signaler detection devices.
  • Urethane Plow Blades – Designed to replace a XB block brush, the 3-Rib urethane removes paraffin wax and similar deposits from the pipe wall that normally collect and cram between the bristles of a block brush. Our plow blade profile performs a similar function to the 3-Rib, but is used primarily for pipe sizes 16” – 18”. Both blade types are also excellent tools for removing debris in non-metallic or internally coated pipe without damaging the pipe wall coating.

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